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Increase Your Chances of Success by 95%


Hey, this is Terry Hale, I wanted to do this little segment
Talking about how to increase your chances 95%.
Imagine if you could increase your chances of success by 95%.
What would that do for you? And how is that possible?
I mean, is it BS or is it real?
Why are some people highly successful
When other people are struggling along?
And some people just sitting on the sidelines,
Never having any success.
Well, I read this study, and it talked all about accountability.
To be held accountable for something
Means that you commit to it,
And then somebody follows through
And makes sure that you are held 100% responsible
For your actions, not just one time.
I’m talking about over and over again through a set of goals.
So I have six steps.
My six steps are from finding, to pre-screening, to evaluating,
To structuring, to negotiating, and then facilitating the deal.
You see, if I fail to go and try to find something,
Then the next reaction is never going to happen.
See, action causes reaction. I hold myself accountable.
When I do my acquisition mode,
I’m 100% held accountable for my actions,
And I make sure that I stay on my goals.
When I coach folks and mentor people, I do the same thing.
I hold them accountable for their actions, as well.
This increases their chances of success 95%,
That’s how deals come to fruition. I mean, you can go it alone.
You can try to go do it yourself. And chances are,
You’re going to be on the sideline like the rest of them.
Sitting there wondering what step did you not do?
What connection did you not make?
And for that reason, I can show you exactly
How to take it to the next level.
I have a systematic approach
That actually takes people from start to finish.
And that’s what my whole challenge is all about.
Taking people from one step to the next, to the next,
Producing results every step of the way.
I can’t work with everybody,
But the folks that I do choose to work with
And those that choose to work with me,
We have a 95% acceleration.
A 95% chance of success more than the rest.
So I highly encourage you to take action.
Maybe this is not for you.
If you’re having a hard time making ends meet,
If you don’t have capital to invest in yourself,
Then please don’t even bother clicking the link.
But if you do, and you really desire to have success,
You really have the relentlessness for success
And you want to be held accountable.
And you know that having a coach, a mentor,
Somebody on your side, and investing in yourself to get that
Is what you need, what you desire for true success
And you want to build wealth with commercial real estate,
Passive monthly income, generational wealth,
And you want real results.
If this is you, then go ahead and click the link
And I look forward to engaging real soon. Take care.
To learn more strategies and techniques,
Or go ahead and click the link in this video description
And I look forward to engaging with you, real soon.


Wisdom for Wealth Video #1

Wisdom for wealth video #1. Learn the secrets of Commercial Real Estate Wealth.

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