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Can You Get Seller Financing In This Market?


Hey, this is Terry Hale,
commercial real estate trainer.
I’ve been getting asked this
question over and over now.
what about seller financing?
Can you really get seller
financing in a market like this?
This market, current, today, right?
And the answer is, absolutely you can!
Regardless of the market conditions,
if it’s red smoking hot or
if it’s a cooled-off market,
because it is cyclical,
it goes up and down.
The reason why we get seller financing
is because we can justify the reason.
We get seller financing.
So, if there is a property
and it’s not bankable,
meaning a financial institution
will absolutely, 100% not finance it.
Maybe it’s got high vacancy.
Maybe it doesn’t have clean books,
a trailing 12-month
profit-loss statements.
Maybe it’s just in a condition
where it needs repairs.
All these reasons.
We can justify seller financing,
because we’re willing to pay the price,
and we’re buying the property right,
and we’re getting the right terms.
So, please don’t think that seller
financing is a difficult task,
because there are more people out there
willing to carry paper.
It eliminates banks.
You don’t ever have to walk
into a bank and get a loan.
And here’s a little secret
tip for you, alright?
Everything we’re doing is
non-recourse financing.
Non-recourse, meaning
no personal guarantees.
Not your personal credit.
Everything we do is non-recourse.
You can do as many of
these deals as you desire,
build millions of dollars in wealth
and have fun doing it!
So, join me if you like what you’ve heard.
Go ahead, look below
for the link, click it,
and come and watch and learn,
and let’s get together,
and let’s build some amazing wealth.
I look forward to engaging
with you again real soon.
Take care.


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