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Live Event!

Learn All About Commercial Investing Live

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What Happens At The Live Event?

My name is Terry Founder of Commercial Real Estate Academy, I look forward to showing you how to invest in all types of Commercial Real Estate including my top 2 property types: Apartments and Storage Facilities and how to profit from these amazing property types.

When most people hear the words “Commercial Real Estate” they think of a bunch of tall building in a large city that some mega wealthy individual must own, right. That’s so far from the truth this information is going to shock you

Have you ever driven down the street and just looked at how much commercial real estate there really is?  Have you ever said to yourself “Wow, I would love to own that Commercial Real Estate Facility?”  Well, everyday people own them and you can too.

It’s important to understand anyone can do this business using the right strategies and techniques …Terry Hale is the leading expert to show you how.

Terry will show you how to buy all types of commercial property at 30% to 50% of appraised market value.

We’re not talking about using old conventional wisdom, where you put down a bunch of capital and acquire a bank loan. 

Terry will show you the secret system in place to explode your wealth in Commercial Real Estate and get deep-discounted wholesale deals offered by motivated sellers in your area.

Needing the right guidance and follow through

  • Terry will Dispel The Myths on Why Most People Stay Away From Commercial - And why it's such a benefit to you regardless if you want to a smaller Commercial Real Estate Facility or a larger with HUGE bargain-prices with aggressive terms so you can get in the game with none of your own money credit or previous experience!
  • Step-By-Step you will be walked Through The Transition to Commercial Real Estate Investing - Many investors are focused on foreclosures and smaller paydays, ANYONE can get into commercial NOW through my Made Easy system and explode their net worth with less work…in commercial It Only Takes One deal to set you up for early retirement!
  • Terry will Walk You Through The Simple Process of NO BANKS Needed – When you’re getting in on deals at 30% - 50% of Appraised market value, there’s a system for financing from day One.
  • Terry Will Walk You Through The Steps To Success for Monthly Cash Flow– Anyone can get into Commercial Real Estate Investing regardless of your experience…Terry is there for YOU!

Terry Hale is the leading expert on Commercial Real Estate. Within the past 12 months his client partners have purchased more than 6,000 units totaling OVER a MILLION square feet of commercial real estate and this is the ONLY event where you will learn exactly how deals get done! 

Commercial Real Estate is for you if:

Wanting financial security without risky investments

Create an appreciating asset with steady cash flow

You desire monthly passive income

Looking to learn a business model that works

Needing the right guidance and follow through

What are their secrets? Simple, they have discovered…

This is the real estate market that is outrageously profitable, yet is almost totally ignored by most real estate investors!

When you follow these systems. It’s dramatically less risky than your typical real estate deal.

√  Where the big money is hidden and how you can cash in with No money, No credit and no risk on your part.

√  Discover how you can make $100,000 and more per deal on autopilot

√  The 5 crucial steps to success in the commercial real estate business!

√  How to become a successful in the fine art of making expert offers

√ And much, much more!

For a limited time only, I am inviting you to attend this powerful presentation “How to Profit from Untapped Commercial Real Estate Goldmine” This presentation was created for people who want to develop their natural money-making skills by learning this secrets of wealth creation with commercial real estate.

It’s for people who are prepared to acquire the tools necessary to secure their financial future. It’s for you if you want to truly become respected, wealthy person! It’s time you…

Terry will show you how to buy all types of commercial property at 30% to 50% of appraised market value.

It’s easy to register for this exclusive Presentation, but you must act fast. 

DECIDE TODAY to live life on your own terms… to provide yourself a better lifetstyle… to secure your financial future. Seats are filling up fast so do it now ... You’ll be glad you did!

What People Are Saying About This Presentation And the Proven System…

"This is the most exciting event I have ever heard on the topic of real estate… believe me, I have heard a lot of them but Terry really makes sense!”

Alex Malfera Torrance, CA

“I learned some great strategies in which can create multiple streams of income from profit centers. I quite enjoyed this presentation and now the wheels are turning on high speed, Commercial is the right choice”

Bob Meyers Bethesda, MD

“Wow, I always wanted to own a storage facility… Canadian Storage showed me a whole new perspective on Storage investing and how I can do it the right way Thanks!”

Randy Burns Vancouver BC

“After seeing the presentation I signed up a bit skeptical of the results. Well, I just cashed a $91,000 check just 45 days after attending and I am now a believer! Thank you so much… I can finally quit my job and focus on the opportunity you have paved for me.”

Ted Mallory Frisco, TX


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