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Master Lease Option


Hey, this is Terry Hale.
I want to talk with you about this storage facility
that we just closed. It’s a technique that was used
to close this 170-unit Self Storage right outside of Dallas, Texas,
we did this deal with something that’s called
–a technique called–
Master Lease Option.
Super cool.
We got in for not a down payment,
but an actual deposit, we put down the deposit,
we have the seller carry the note for seven years,
the note was carried at 5% interest non-recourse,
no personal credit check at all whatsoever.
And the master lease option gives us two points.
One is we get in as a master tenant with the option to purchase it,
we lock-in a purchase price, this purchase price was less than 900,000
actually came in at $885,000.
We have that seven years to actually pursue this deal.
And to close the option.
properties can be worth a lot more just within a couple of years.
The cool thing about this technique is we got in for very little
only $20,000 down and the seller actually carries
the master lease option note,
we have the right to sublease all these vacancies
for every single vacant unit that we fill,
we actually create passive monthly income,
we’re going to get our deposit back within the first six months or less.
And from that, we’re going to be moving forward
and rapidly filling this thing creating massive cash flow.
There’s a little over seven figures in this deal.
One deal can make you a millionaire _talk about cash flow.
This is where it’s at. All right?
Master Lease Option Technique
wrapped up on the storage facility standing
make well over a million bucks.
Go ahead and check it out.
Click the link in the description to learn more
or visit
I look forward to engaging with you real soon.
Take care


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