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6 Steps to your Million Dollar Deal

You too can be a Millionaire from investing in Commercial Real Estate using the exact steps and the right formula

Here is the fastest way to complete your due diligence and see real facts and results from real clients.

You recognize my training is unique and I’m different, glad you made it here!

A few things for clarification:

1. I give you my personal cell phone for one on one communication, as a mentor should. We are doing this together and I’m here to help you 100% to insure we have a profitable relationship and accomplish building generation wealth for our families.

2. The investments is not a “cost”, simply because there is a ROI (return on investment) this is an investment and YOU get 100% of your investment backed by a performance guarantee…we do business together and close a deal 50/50 you are made whole.

3. You have me as a personal mentor 100%, I’m not going to delegate the fulfillment. Instead, I am here for you to accomplish amazing things!

Take a look and let’s build wealth together.

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My Client Kevin CLOSED his 10 Unit Apartment and quotes:

"I started out a little while back doing residential. I left a full-time job doing software at work and I ended up by going into residential real estate and had a real tough time with it. I was doing it right at the time period when things were starting to change and I felt like I was chasing all the financial companies down and I'm always one step ahead of them in terms of analysis. 

So I started using your system and really was attracted to the idea of commercial real estate in that residential real estate is really value-based on property around you and you don't have much control over that. So it becomes very speculative and you end up buying property that may go up or may go down based on what happens with foreclosures or what's going on with your neighbors

I didn't have to put in any of my own money or credit into the property. This was actually a 10 unit apartment complex. It was the first one that I did and it was basically using the step-by-step strategies that I work with you or understood from you and it worked great.

So it’s a 10 unit building and it’s down the coastal area of Texas and I can show you a little bit about the pictures but it was in pretty bad shape when I got it as far as its looks and feel. But the reality was you know it just needed some TLC and a little bit of work and the numbers worked out and that is what was key. It pulls in $4300 a month with potential for close to twice that amount and it will be a good income stream.

I would say what really hit home the hardest with me when I was sitting down and talking to you about this before and getting your knowledge is and when I looked at residential. I thought where could I be in one year or five years or ten years and I thought well, holding a portfolio of a hundred houses, how would I manage that how would I take care of that. When you think about a hundred apartments in a complex being managed by a property manager versus a hundred houses that you can't get cash flow and you can't get property managers for yeah there really is no comparison."

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My Client Jim LOVES the support on his Self Storage Negotiation and quotes:

If you think Self Storage is “Not in Your wheel House” please reconsider.

Its actually like apartments but without the people!

No toilets – No trash – No tenants

There is a benefit from owning these and Jim loves the tactics used to have me Terry Hale personally negotiate the terms for this amazing opportunity.

Watch the video for PROOF of total appreciation from Jim:

My Client Kristi and the complete interview and deep dive analysis

This is a little longer interview and is packed with ACTUAL facts to help you complete your due diligence and choose the right mentor, I encourage you to take a look.

Kristi and I, Terry Hale, have CLOSED 11 projects in just 36 months together and this one is a 60 Unit  (15 four-plexes) just outside of Austin TEXAS we did with really amazing terms I negotiated!

We did a 29 SELLER FINANCED Note that is non-recourse (no credit check from either of us) and we didn’t make payments for 12 months while repositioning this one.

Kristi is like family to me now (I’m blessed to have her in my life) but we met just like you and I would. From a simple meeting to see if we’re a fit then our relationship is based on trust to do wonderful things!

There is a reason you’re looking for a mentor and a reason we’re crossing paths, so be like Kristi and let’s make wonderful things happen!

I know that was a bit to sit through so here are a few more quickies:

My client Jason told me about this deal and said, yea the numbers look good for a new player but I’d get paid a now… but, that was his first deal, he’s on fire!

Jason M

-West Los Angeles, CA

"Using Terry's quick money formula I got my first deal closed and check in hand for $65,000 in just 11 days. The formula actually worked easier than I thought and I was able to duplicate my first deal on 3 more. Terry is the real deal and he knows his stuff."

Dave has freedom!

Closing a deal in your backyard and profiting more than what you sold your time for swapping hours for dollars is a huge accomplishment.

Dave M

-Lewisville, AR

"This works! I closed a deal where I live and cash is coming through the door like clockwork. I got seller financing on my apartment complex and it is making $5850 a month every month. Now I make more than working my full time job. Anyone thinking about getting into commercial should stop thinking and just do it"

Lucky Steve rocked the commercial long term strategy in just 8 Weeks!!

This guy, I call him “Lucky Steve”, he really surprised me. I tell all my clients to plan on the first deal happening on an average of 180 days from start to completion and if it happens early, bonus! Steve didn’t do anything more, it just happened. He got lucky!

How I define luck: Be knowledgeable, be present, be positive, be active.

You see, Lucky Steve was just connecting and action causes re-action and he nailed his deal. Go Lucky Steve!   

Steve F

-Houston, TX

"Just closed my first commercial property within 8 weeks, Terry's longterm income strategy has allowed me to create a steady stream of a little over $6k a month and I can't thank him enough."

Erin hit the long term and quick profit formula, BOOM!

The quick profit formula is very simple, you locate the deal with potential, cut terms and pass it off for a payday! She followed the strategies and did exactly what was planned. If you visit Las Olas go to the Casablanca Restaurant and try the roasted Eggplant Ravioli such a great time.

Erin A

-Ft Lauderdale, FL

"Thanks Terry, you provided me with the exact steps I needed to succeed with my real estate endeavors. I applied both strategies and now have $3400 a month coming in from my 10 Unit Apartment. In just 29 days I received another check for $62,230 using the quick profit formula!"